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Our Business Philosophy

My business is dedicated to the production of a good quality, inexpensive product that will improve the lives of your birds

My Company

Well like I said i have four birds myself and i don't like to see them in a cage. so i built (what my wife calls bird world) a nice
play area. the perch is about 5 ft. tall & 4 ft .x 4 ft .play area and i built a lot of toys ladders & rope swings to give them plenty
to do and keep them healthy.
When I was done I showed a picture to the pet store and they loved it. They wanted me to build them some perches and toys
for the store. Both are selling well. I don't show the perches here because there to big to ship so i'll just keep them local.

Our Employees

I'm the only one,
I'm not here to get rich I just like to do this in my spare time. I like to watch my birds play with the things that I have made. And
if you like to watch your bird play for hours check out my toys they will love it.

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